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The Sporting News provides one of the first real looks at what plans entertainment giant AEG has planned for their proposed NFL Football Stadium that would be located in Downtown Los Angeles. There’s some good news for those concerned that the new Stadium would be accompanied with a gigantic sea of parking, as most NFL Stadiums do. According to the Sporting News: Parking won’t be a problem, Leiweke believes, because 32,000 spaces sit within a 15-minute walk of the proposed stadium site, which is now occupied by the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. “This stadium will be LEED [certified] because of our light rail transportation, buses and Union Station down the street,” he said. “We have an environmentally friendly vision and that’s important to us.” The 72,000-seat facility would have the flexibility to expand to 76,250 for mega-events such as the Super Bowl, NCAA football games, FIFA World Cup finals and NCAA Final Four. This is sort of a good news/bad news announcement for the city. The good news is that if the stadium really won’t increase parking in the area, that alleviates one of the concerns we expressed last week. The bad news is that either their estimates are wildly off-base or the city has too many parking spots in Downtown Los Angeles.

Streetsblog Los Angeles » AEG Wants a Green Stadium for Downtown L.A. – No New Parking Required

It’s nice to hear that they are willing to consider building a stadium with no vast sea of parking, but I’m not sure a football stadium in a downtown is ever “green”. They take up vast amounts of space and get relatively little utilization. Looking at the big picture, wouldn’t it be a lot more carbon-efficient to turn this into more housing/office/retail in a transit-served neighbourhood?